Jeff Koinange, Other Media Stars Pen Special Messages to Their Moms

  • As Kenyans joined the rest of the world in marking this year’s Mother’s Day on May 9, media stars such as Citizen TV News anchor Jeff Koinange joined in the bandwagon with heartfelt messages to their parents.

    Some shared their thank-you messages admitting that their parents moulded them into their current successful selves while others lauded their mothers for preparing them in their motherhood journey.

    For Instance, Koinange thanked his mother, Nyina- wa-Munene, alongside his sisters, for making him laugh and loving him endlessly.

    “Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum, Nyina- wa-Munene and to my Sisters, Ciru and Wangui…Thanks for the Laughs, the Love and the Good Times.

    Former K24 TV anchor Rose Gakuo and her mother
    Former K24 TV anchor Rose Gakuo and her mother.

    “Happy Mothers Day 2021 to all Mothers around the world!” Noted Koinange.

    Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo, while celebrating the power of polygamy, tributed his two mothers, Jeniffer and Jane, for guiding him into being a better man.

    “Close to three decades now, these two women held my hand, when one guided me to be a better man another taught me what life entails when one slapped me for doing wrong, the other wiped my tears and told me don’t do it again – when one milked my dad’s cows, the other was frying goat ribs for us,” he stated.

    Former K24 TV anchor Rose Gakuo, on the other hand, hailed her mother as a resounding voice of reason and a teacher who guided her.

    “Mamii, guardian angel, teacher, discipline master, most resounding voice of reason, my calm in storms and with you forever favourite girl talk, Happy Mothers Day. May this day and to all mothers bring you joy through your children and beyond.

    “That as you celebrate, your tender guidance and role in our lives shape an even better society through Sons and Daughters mothers now, to be and those they father. Blessed Mother’s Day all,” stated Gakuo.

    Gakuo’s former colleague Mwanaisha Chidzuga, on the other hand, praised her mother, Kwale Woman Rep Zainab Chidzuga, for laying the foundation that made her a strong woman.

    “I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me. Happy mothers day. Love lives here,” stated Chidzuga.

    Former K24 TV anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga and her mother Zainab
    Former K24 TV anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga and her mother Zainab.

    Citizen TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri, however, paid a special tribute to her mother by commissioning a portrait of her, together with her daughter.

    She creatively captioned the masterpiece as ‘a special moment of three generations’.

    Other stars like Betty Kyalo and NTV‘s Grace Msalame thanked their children for enabling them to transition into motherhood where they admit to getting immense happiness.

    “Thank you for blessing my life in double portion! When you were born, so was I. A brand new being growing & learning so much from you two!” stated Msalame.

    “A toast to me for being a strong mom In this tough world. A toast to me for giving my daughter the best and all the inheritance waiting for her,” Kyalo promised.

    Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of May every year.

    A painting of Citizen TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri (right) together with her mother and daughter.
    A painting of Citizen TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri (right) together with her mother and daughter.
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