Jimi Wanjigi Receives 5k Questions in Hours

  • Safina Party presidential aspirant, Jimi Wanjigi, says he received over 5,000 questions within hours of launching his digital campaign rally.

    Wanjigi – who is making an entry into elective politics with a stab at the presidency – said that thousands of Kenyans sent him questions on popular messaging app, WhatsApp, a tool he says has now formed a critical part of his campaign.

    The renowned businessman adds that Kenyans have been very active on the platform engaging him on key topics, with unemployment and economic reforms taking the centre stage.

    Wanjigi’s engagement mostly targets the youth who are famed for using digital communication platforms, and who form the largest part of the voter population.

    A poster of Jimi Wanjigi's ChatWithJimi social media strategy
    A poster of Jimi Wanjigi’s ChatWithJimi social media strategy
    Jimi Wanjigi

    The presidential hopeful noted that they have been receiving an average of 600 messages daily since the launch of the digital campaign last week. 

    Most predominantly, the unemployment of the youth featured even as Wanjigi was queried on his plans to create jobs for unemployed youth.

    The businessman has previously promised to create 13 million jobs, one job for every household. 


    He added that majority of Kenyans, and especially the youth, were struggling because the country’s education system is not tailored to empower learners on job opportunities.

    “We have many graduates, graduating and ending up doing jobs they never studied about, what is your take?” Evans Odiwuor, a student at Kenyatta University, posed.

    “We must have an Education Philosophy as a country. It needs to be clear what we are aiming to achieve through Education for our people, our development, and our culture.

    “These then should reflect in our curriculums, our teaching methods, and institutional development,” Wanjigi responded.

    However, some online users also took the opportunity to ask him about his potential alliances ahead of the August 9 polls even as he maintained that he will be on the ballot on August 9.

    Others also took the opportunity to make personal pleas with the business tycoon as they sought his intervention on some of the issues they were facing.

    Wanjigi is among the few presidential aspirants that have adopted digital campaigns to woo the youth. On May 6, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga hosted his first-ever hip-hop edition digital rally even as he called on the youth to support his bid.

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (LEFT) and musicians performing at Azimio digital rally on May 6, 2022 (RIGHT).
    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (LEFT) and musicians performing at Azimio digital rally on May 6, 2022 (RIGHT).
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