Kala Jeremiah Ft Lydia Gasper – Kumbuka

Tanzanian artist who uses vibrant colors and graphic patterns to explore themes of identity and transformation, his work focuses on urban-rural contrasts, Kala Jeremiah drops a new song titled, Kumbuka.

Also, Kala Jeremiah and Lydia Gasper have teamed up for a new single, “Kumbuka.” The track is a blend of Afrobeat and R&B and features Jeremiah’s smooth vocals and Gasper’s soulful delivery. The song is a celebration of life and its joys, with a message of cherishing the moments that we have and making the most of them. The production is vibrant and energetic, and the chorus is an uplifting call to action for the listener. With its catchy hook and upbeat rhythm, “Kumbuka” is sure to be a hit.

listen to, “Kala Jeremiah Ft Lydia Gasper – Kumbuka” below;

AUDIO Kala Jeremiah Ft Lydia Gasper – Kumbuka MP3 DOWNLOAD



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