Kandi Burruss And Tiny’s New Song, “If U Get Caught,” Is A Response To Dvsn

Kandi and Tiny are giving R&B duo dvsn a taste of their own medicine. The legendary singers/songwriters have released “If U Get Caught,” their response to dvsn’s controversial track “If I Get Caught.”

On the no-holds-barred remix, Kandi and Tiny share a few consequences for men who expect women to tolerate being cheated on. (Hint: They may cheat back.)

“All this division got you disrespecting women / How you want us to share / When you ain’t got enough d*ck to spare / I’m a rich bitch with a real savage side / I can flip this with a quickness / Have another n**ga inside,” Kandi sings in the first verse.

Tiny storms in on the second verse, singing, “You can’t keep lying / And think that I ain’t gon’ get mine / Do you still want my love if we both f**cked up? / You know that two can play that game / I ain’t goin’ out lame.”

Their remix is supported with a visual co-directed by Kai Jones and Jammyra LauRance.

“Ladies, we couldn’t let #dvsn get away with that toxic ass song #IfIGotCaught! So me & @majorgirl had to pull out our pen & represent for the ladies,” Kandi wrote in an Instagram caption.

Tiny wrote on Instagram, “We gotta show love to @dvsn for doing their thang with their new song “IfIGotCaught” It’s such a dope song, it made @Kandi and I want to write a female version, just to talk a lil 💩for the ladies!”

The original version of “If I Get Caught” was produced by dvsn’s Nineteen85, Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox. Released July 22, the song was met with mixed feedback from fans and critics, particularly on Twitter. Some felt the song was too toxic, though dvsn pushed back at this notion in a recent interview with Rated R&B.

“Toxic is the word thrown around anytime we get into topics that are a little taboo or conversations people don’t want to have,” said Nineteen85. “Some of these things aren’t necessarily toxic; they’re just very real or uncomfortable.”

Daniel Daley, the vocalist of dvsn, added, “Honesty should never be looked at as toxicity. I don’t think that somebody being transparent about their flaws should be looked at as toxic. What’s toxic is someone [with] a bunch of flaws acting like they have none.”

“If I Get Caught,” which samples Jay-Z’s classic “Song Cry,” is the lead single from dvsn’s upcoming album that will release later this year.

“The theme of this whole album has kind of been like a new level of honesty and growth,” Daley told Rated R&B. “[‘If I Get Caught’] sets up the story that we are about to tell in a crazy way.”

Their untitled album will follow 2020’s A Muse In Her Feelings, which was featured on Rated R&B’s Best R&B Albums of 2020 list.

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