Kanye West Shows Off Weird Haircut On The Back Of His Head

Kanye West Shows Off Weird Haircut On The Back Of His Head

Kanye West was recently photographed with his wife in West Hollywood on a quick Chick-Fil-A and gym trip. Furthermore, he debuted a new hairstyle to the photographers who were following him around: a cross shaved on the back of his head.

Of course, this is unsurprising from an artist who has been public about their Christian beliefs and frequently plays with its imagery. As minor as the difference may seem, it’s another minor piece of background that supporters emphasized in order to understand his mental condition. After all, it’s difficult for them to relate with him in any meaningful sense after his discriminatory language and harsh attacks online.

However, that can only be a good thing as Kanye West continues to reflect, heal, and stay out of the limelight. The damage brought about by his incendiary comments stretch far beyond any musical or artistic connection his audience may have formed. Still, things don’t look necessarily promising as of late. For example, his Yeezy Season 10 fashion show reportedly had various references to Nazi and other right-wing imagery. With that in mind, it’s probably not yet time for him to return to the public space after undergoing a significant change of heart and attitude.

Kanye West’s New ‘Do

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Regardless, that’s not going to slow the Chicago rapper and designer down, or at least that’s what recent reports indicate. Given that he recently filed a trademark for “YZY Sock Shoes,” many believe that he’s breaking into the fashion space again instead of the musical realm. Despite those findings, it’s unclear whether it will actually result in a sold product or if it’s just another one of his ephemeral ideas. Only time will tell, although maybe he wants to stay low-key and reach more niche and blindly supportive audiences with his work. Another important component is Adidas’ decision to sell its Yeezy stock, an agreement that, if successful, would net Kanye West a lot of money.

Meanwhile, other roadblocks exist on the 45-year-old’s path that seem far more serious than his fashion endeavors. One of those is his chaotic presidential campaign, which might involve secret funds from conservative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s campaign and that’s gone through a lot of staff changes. His Donda Academy is also in dire straits as teachers, parents, and the wider public seek another way forward. We’ll see how important that cross is to his public image in the future.


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