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Karen Nyamu Reveals Source of Her Campaign Millions

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  • Politician and Nairobi-based lawyer Karen Njeri Nyamu has revealed intricate details of the source of her campaign millions.

    Speaking to Jeff Kuria on Sunday, September 12, Nyamu affirmed that she got funding from wealthy clients and business people from her law firm, Njeri Nyamu & Co Advocates. 

    The host had enquired aboon the fast rise of the politician from graduating at the University of Nairobi (UoN) to being hired at a law firm to set up her own firm in such a short time. 

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    Nairobi politician Karen Nyamu
    Nairobi politician Karen Nyamu

    Kuria posed how she managed to maintain the law firm while conducting campaigns for the Women Representative position during the 2017 General Election. 

    “My question is, at that young age, where did you get the wealth if you claim you don’t have people funding you?” Kuria enquired. 

    “I would not lack funding, be it from my clients, business people, for instance, there is a couple who funded me a lot during the campaigns.”

    “As I can tell you now, I’ll be vying in 2022, you might think I have a million in the bank for campaigns. The reality is I will spend a million on the ground, from wherever it shall come from. Let me tell you, Jeff, I believe in myself,” Nyamu, who also dubs as the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Director, affirmed. 

    The lawyer, however, did not divulge the position she would vie for come next year’s election but noted that her team was gathering key data on the ground in order for her to strategise on the way forward. 

    She noted that her rise to the top was misconstrued by social media as people perceived her source of wealth was derived from former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko – with a section of them claiming a romantic relationship between the two.

    She, however, disputed the claims, noting that she had begun her political endeavours before she met Sonko. She also divulged her close relationship with Sonko’s wife and kids, rubbishing the relationship claims as mere rumours. 

    Relentless, Kuria hard-pressed Nyamu on whether her rise to the top was influenced by the high and mighty. He asked about whether Deputy President William Ruto endorsed her political endeavours in the beginning. 

    “I’ve known Ruto for a very long time, I never consulted him when I got into politics,” Nyamu stated. 

    Asked why various controversies and scandals always kept occurring, she detailed that a section of bloggers had been hired by a known personality to taint her image.

    Nyamu has been in the limelight due to the recent scandal with Kikuyu musician Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh with reports indicating that the two have one offspring. 

    From left to right: Vernacular musician Samidoh, Deputy President William Ruto and lawyer Karen Nyamu
    From left to right: Vernacular musician Samidoh, Deputy President William Ruto and lawyer Karen Nyamu
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