Kate Hudson, Star Of Glass Onion, 43 Years Old And Yet Looks Amazing

And last week, Goldie Hawn’s actress daughter revealed to Vogue just what she does to appear to be drinking from the spring of youth.

Turns out it is a mixture of plenty of ‘sleep, hydration and supplements.’ And she adds in daily meditation sessions as well.

She likes to sleep at least eight to nine hours a night. And when it comes to hydration, she keeps a bottle of water at the ready.

The supplements are easy for her too.

‘I created a supplement with InBloom called Beauty Aura and I take this every day. For me, for skin, fine line, hair and nails, this is my dream product,’ said the mother of three.


And on top of those three things, she also mixes in meditation.

‘Meditation is probably the most important self-care that I do,’ said the Almost Famous star.

‘I know it sounds silly but when you have your eye mask is a really good time to do it. I can thank my mom for that because she’s been doing that since the ’70s!’

Kate also said she is ‘not religious’ about her beauty routine.


The explained that she has started to ‘enjoy’ having a skincare regime as she gets older but doesn’t stick to it every single day and doesn’t take her makeup off every night.

She said: ‘I’ve always had some kind of routine, and I enjoy it more now that I’m older.

‘[Though] I’m not religious about it which I know a lot of people would be like “You have to take your makeup off every night” and I’m not gonna lie, I have nights where I do not do that.’

Speaking in a video for Vogue, she added: ‘I think because I love products so much, that keeps me playing with my skincare routine and I change it all the time.

‘So, like, what I’m using today is not what I’ll be using next week. I do like to do eye masks though before I put on before I put on makeup.

‘Everyone always asks me like “Skincare, skincare, what do you do?”

‘It really is just three things. Sleep, hydration, supplements.’

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