Kelechi Africana – Alcoholic

Kenyan recording artist, musician, singer, and songwriter, Kelechi Africana is back with a new song titled, Alcoholic.

Kelechi Africana’s new single, “Alcoholic,” is a trap-soul fusion that speaks to the struggle of the modern African experience. The song was inspired by the idea of how the youth in Africa are often faced with the struggle of having to choose between a life of excess and a life of stability.

Moreover, The song speaks to the party life and the recklessness that comes with it. It’s a heartfelt warning to the listener, a reminder of the dangers of excess and the need for self-control. The song is a perfect blend of African and western sounds, with a strong focus on the upbeat Afro-trap vibe.

listen to, “Kelechi Africana – Alcoholic” below;

AUDIO Kelechi Africana – Alcoholic MP3 DOWNLOAD


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