The South African Police Service (SAPS) has confirmed that the investigation into the Moti brothers’ kidnapping continues, despite recent developments.

It was recently learnt from eNCA that the family secretly relocated to Dubai and have stopped talking to the media.

The boys – Zidan, Zayyad, Alaan, and Zia Moti – all aged between 6 -15, were kidnapped on their way to school in Polokwane at approximately 07:00 on Wednesday, 20 October 2021. Seven men with R5 rifles and handguns cornered their vehicle and forcefully removed them. They were released just weeks later and dropped off next to a road in Vuwani by their kidnappers.

The brothers’ kidnapping sent shockwaves and prompted an outpour of support for the family from ordinary South Africans to even prominent figures and government. The Moti boys’ abduction, however, became clouded in mystery after it was learnt that the family had reportedly paid R50 million to the kidnappers, according to News24.

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In addition, police also say Nazim Moti, the boys’ father, interdicted them from interviewing them not long after they were released. But SAPS spokesperson Robert Netshiunda says they are not closing the case just yet, because the perpetrators are still at large.

 “As police, we can confirm that the investigation into the kidnapping of the Moti brothers is continuing despite the fact that the process has been jeopardised by the non-cooperation of the family. Since the children were found last year, the family has not been cooperating with the police,” said Netshiunda.

The Moti family’s lack of cooperation in the case undoubtedly makes the investigation harder to conclude for the authorities

“We have not closed the case as yet. We are still very much hopeful that the family will come around and cooperate with the law enforcement so that we can get to the bottom of this matter.”

SAPS spokesperson Robert Netshiunda

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