The South African Police Service (SAPS) and members of the Tshwane Metro Police Department removed dagga plants planted by activists outside the Union buildings, on Wednesday, 12 January.


King Khoisan, who has been leading a “live-in protest” outside the Union Buildings for more than three years, was one of three people arrested on Wednesday.

“Police… you have declared war,” he shouted. “We have been here peacefully. We are coming for you,” said King Khoisan as he clung to the dagga plant as the police dragged it across the presidential lawn in Tshwane.

According to AFP, other activists shouted: “For plants? For plants? You are rubbish people in uniforms.”

Approximately 24 police officers – some kitted out in riot gear – raided the group who have been camping at the buildings in tarpaulin tents since 2018.

The protest started when King Khoisan began campaigning for the government to officially recognise indigenous languages.

The personal and private use of dagga was decriminalised in South Africa in 2018.

Additional reporting by AFP.


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