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    Libya: Haftar vows to ‘restore Libya’s prestige’


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    The Libyan National Army (LNA)’s battle won’t end until the country’s “prestige, borders, military bases and territorial waters are restored,” General Khalifa Haftar vowed on Tuesday.

    “Any attempt directed against our army is rejected and unaccepted,” Haftar told his soldiers in a military forum, adding that the troops were becoming “stronger”.

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    Haftar hailed the “forces’ efforts over the past seven years”, urging them to be ready for “conducting any mission at any time, strongly and accurately.”

    “The LNA forces are the guarantee of Libya’s political, economic and social stability,” he stressed, hoping to halt the African country’s: “Violent acts carried out by illegal militants and armed groups, ending the presence of foreign fighters and establishing security for the residents.”

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    Libya’s struggle over army chief post: Will Haftar take over or force the appointment of his men?

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