If you’re eating right now, or just happen to be a little squeamish, then we should probably warn you about what’s to come: Locust swarms in rural parts of the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, and extreme north-east of the Western Cape have created a living nightmare for motorists passing through.

‘Infestation’ causing concern in several provinces

The N1 and N10 have been worst affected, with millions of the bothersome bugs flying into windscreens and making conditions on the road ‘feel like a horror movie’, according to one observer – and that seems to be a fairly accurate reflection…

Noupoort, Middelburg, and Colesberg seem to be bearing the brunt of this infestation, and these locust swarms now pose a real danger to drivers. Several provinces have been placed on high alert, and the crop-munching nuisances continue to wreak havoc on Wednesday.

Motorists have since been advised ‘not to use their wipers’ when passing through locust swarms, as it only serves to smear windscreens and reduce visibility even further. We know, it’s gross, but this also serves as essential knowledge for those behind the wheel.

  • With significant floods and fires reported in South Africa already this year, a plague of locusts was perhaps inevitable…

Watch: Locust swarms cause traffic nightmare on N1, N10

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