• A trespasser was shot dead inside Meru Deputy Governor – Titus Ntuchiu’s – home in Tigania West, on Friday evening, July 30. 

    The 29-year-old was shot dead at around 5 pm, following a confrontation with the security guards in the Kimachia-Chung’ari village mansion.

    Employees at the house alleged that the victim identified as Morris Mutuma sneaked into the farm and threatened to hack workers. 

    “He swung a machete and intimidated the workers who were harvesting maize. 

    Villagers demonstrate outside Meru Deputy Governor, Titus Ntuchiu’s, home on Friday night, July 30, 2021

    “I saw police approaching and I pleaded with him to leave the workers alone. I cautioned him that he risked being arrested yet he has a young family,” his friend stated. 

    The armed guards reportedly ordered him to drop the weapon and surrender before they opened fire, disarming him. 

    Mutuma was shot in the head and died at the spot. Demonstrations broke out outside the Deputy Governor’s house, with area residents accusing the police of misuse of firearms. 

    They claimed that the police used unjustifiable force and killed the youth rather than averting the situation. 

    “Our son, a boda boda rider, was drunk. Why did the police not try to restrain him or shoot him in the legs or arms?” irate villagers ranted. 

    Police officers from Nchiru Police Station rushed to the scene and dispersed the protestors before ferrying the body to a nearby morgue. Meru Deputy Governor, Titus Ntuchiu, detailed that he was not at the house when the incident occurred. 

    “I was told that a villager attacked my armed guards who shot him in self-defense,” Ntuchiu stated. 

    Meru Deputy Governor Titus Ntuchiu receives Covid-19 medical supplies from KEMSA in May 2020
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