Manchester Gig Canceled, Sam Smith Backup Singer Spotted “Crying On Stage”

Sam Smith’s fans were left perplexed and concerned after the Stay With Me singer abruptly stopped their show short after only four songs Friday night at Manchester’s AO Arena.

It’s been claimed one of Sam Smith ‘s back-up singers was spotted crying in Manchester the night the Unholy hitmaker’s gig was abruptly cancelled.

The Stay With Me singer cut short their performance at the AO Arena short after just four songs on Wednesday night, with Sam later telling fans an issue with their voice was the reason behind the unplanned early stage exit.

In a statement shared on their Instagram Stories, Sam apologised to those who had flocked to the venue to see them and revealed they had “noticed something wrong with my voice” as they belted out their third song of the evening.

But despite Sam claiming the reason for the cancellation was down to not being able to get their “voice back in gear”, fans and gig-goers have been left in a state of confusion following the sudden stage exit.

In a video shared by Twitter user RachPayne88, it’s thought those in the crowd waiting for Sam to return to the stage originally suspected a power cut had occurred inside the arena.

sam cancels

As the award-singer’s fans discussed the experience on social media following the statement from Sam, one Twitter user suggested one of the singer’s tour mates had been spotted crying before the drama kicked off.

Tweeting Sam and AO Arena on Wednesday night, the Twitter user wrote: “My daughter advises she witnessed one of the singers in the Jumpsuit crying. We hope they are ok we send our love & well wishes.

“We’re devastated for you all as artists having to stop the gig. We look forward to seeing you all in the future. You are all phenomenal xx.”

In their statement shared after fans in Manchester initially thought a power cut was the reason for the cancellation, Sam wrote: “I don’t know what to say honestly. I fought off a virus a few weeks ago and since then we have travelled across Europe and had such incredible shows.

“Today in soundcheck I felt fine and was so excited to give Manchester an amazing show tonight, with a special surprise guest at the end.”

They continued: “During my third song, I noticed something wrong with my voice. I prayed it was just my voice waking up for the show but into the fourth song I could feel something was really wrong.

“I came off stage and have tried everything to get my voice back in gear but it won’t. I am honestly heartbroken I couldn’t finish the show tonight for you all. I love you all. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry”.

AO Arena are yet to comment on the situation, instead just reposting Sam’s statement.

Prior to taking to the stage in Manchester briefly on Wednesday night, Sam had teased pop icon Madonna would be joining them towards the end of the evening.

But instead, fans were left confused and anxious as the latest date on Sam’s Gloria tour was limited to their icon only performing four of their hit songs.

“Sam Smith teasing a guest performance from Madonna only to have the lights go up 10 minutes into a set? It’s giving homophobic sabotage,” on fan mused on Twitter after the gig was cancelled.

Another Twitter user joked: “Streets saying Sam Smith cancelled mid-show bc Madonna fell down the stairs backstage.”

Amid the jokes on social media, Sam, who identifies as non binary, has been subjected to abuse and transphobic comments from trolls who weren’t present for the show in Manchester on Wednesday night.

Defending Sam on Twitter amid the abusive backlash, one fan wrote: “I posted a video of Sam Smith performing on TikTok and had to disable the comments as the amount of transphobic t****ery I received was simply disgusting.”

“Why are Manc Sam Smith ticket holders actively slandering and being transphobic towards them over a cancelled show? I don’t even care why it was cancelled a few songs in,” another mused.

“If ur gonna have a twat ass attitude towards them why even buy a ticket. Y’all are disgusting.”


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