The leader of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) Kenneth Meshoe might have put his foot in his mouth this time by comparing mandatory vaccines to rape.

Meshoe led the party’s march to the Constitutional Court on Thursday, 14 October. The demonstration is against making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory. The ACDP has often come under fire for its controversial stance on vaccines – it maintains it isn’t against the jabs being administered, it does take issue with them being mandatory

“Any object that is put in a human body by force, is tantamount to rape,” he told supporters.

Meshoe slams government over vaccines

Kenneth Meshoe says the government hasn’t been completely honest about the vaccine – something he has vowed to challenge. Meshoe says a lot of government’s decisions, including imposing a hard lockdown, has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the need to control them.

In addition to comparing mandatory vaccines to rape, he also likened them to apartheid.

“The ACDP is going to fight this matter. When they implemented the lockdown and closed churches they were testing us. Many of the things they [the government] are doing are not about our health; it is about control over us. We were controlled under apartheid, we are not going to be controlled again,” Meshoe said.

Also in attendance, Dr Herman Edeling, who told party supporters that the vaccines are not necesarry and claimed President Cyril Ramaphosa and relevant health bodies had been lying to the public.

“Everyone has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experiments without their consent. I am not a lab rat. If government is willing to be transparent let them come out and tell us what is in this vaccine. Rather them saying we are anti-vaxxers we want to be informed,”

ACDP Leader Kenneth Meshoe

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