Mbilia Bel Makes Surprise Appearance at Raila Rally [VIDEO] 

  • Famous Congolese Lingala maestro, Mbilia Bel, made a surprise appearance at former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s rally in Nyeri county on Tuesday, July 4.

    The musician was introduced by Raila who told his supporters that he had come with a surprise visitor to entertain them.

    He stated that the musician was his friend and had come to help Azimio rally its supporters to come out and vote for him in large numbers.

    “I have a visitor who has come from Congo, Kinshasa and is a musician and her name is Mbilia Bel,” Raila introduced the legendary musician before ushering her onto the stage.

    During her performance, the famous Congolese artist sang her hit song – Nairobi, which she altered to creatively praise Raila and his running mate, Martha Wangari Karua. 

    “I am Mbilia Bel and I am from Congo and I have come to support Raila and Karua in their campaigns.

    “Tuende Nairobi, tumuimbie baba Raila, Tuende Nairobi, tumcheze baba Raila. Tuende Nairobi, tumuimbie mama Martha, Tuende Nairobi, tumcheze mama Martha,” she sang.

    The Congolese artist was joined by other Azimio politicians for the performance that lasted for close to two minutes.

    Bel is currently in the country for a concert courtesy of the Royal Media Services (RMS) which is owned by SK Macharia – a supporter of Raila Odinga.

    The former Prime Minister has enjoyed support from various artists on the campaign trail.

    Previously, Raila has featured in famous Benga artist Emmanuel Musindi’s Lelo ni Lelo song that has since been adopted as the Azimio campaigns signature tune.

    On the other hand, Karua also featured in a song alongside famous rap artists Fena Gitu, Sally Wisdom, Grace Mwai and Jecinta Omondi.

    Azimio presidentialcandidate Raila Odinga and leaders from the Ukambani Region during a rally in Athi River on Sunday, June 12, 2022
    Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga and leaders from the Ukambani Region during a rally in Athi River on Sunday, June 12, 2022.
    Raila Odinga
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