MC Jessy: How Top Ruto General Rigged Me Out of UDA

  • Comedian Jasper Muthomi, popularly known by his stage name MC Jessy has accused a top politician in UDA presidential candidate William Ruto’s inner circle of rigging him out of the party primaries in South Imenti.

    Speaking to a on Tuesday, June 21, Jessy dismissed allegations that Ruto duped him – adding that a senior UDA politician entrusted with picking the strongest candidate, misadvised the party leader.

    The comedian added that the DP’s lieutenant told Ruto that he (Jessy) was not popular in the region and was not familiar with the on-goings of the people and that Mwiti Kathaara was best placed to win the poll.

    Deputy President William Ruto (right) welcomes MC Jessy to UDA on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.
    Deputy President William Ruto (right) welcomes MC Jessy to UDA on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

    “The individual the DP entrusted lied to him and suggested that I was not popular in Meru. How? He also went ahead and claimed that I could not speak in the Meru dialect.

    “I can speak the language fluently and I am particularly conversant in Igoji. I was born and raised there and in fact, schooled there, so how can I fail to speak the language,?” he posed. 

    MC Jessy noted that the allegations from the politician, informed the decision by Ruto to announce that he had stepped down for Kathaara.

    The comedian-turned-politician revealed that the UDA presidential flag bearer did not want to let him leave empty and hence offered him a post in the party’s national campaign team – a position he later turned down.

    He explained that much as Ruto had goodwill for him, he did not want to work in the national government. Jessy added that he informed the DP that he was hell-bent on serving the people of Imenti South.

    “Ruto saw it fit to help me since we have a very cordial relationship, and that is when he offered me the position in the campaign team in Nairobi. I told him no because my vision was to work for my people,” he narrated. 

    He added that while he did not have any conversation with the Kenya Kwanza patron from the time he stepped down to when he was appointed to the presidential team, they met two days later during the Easter Holidays.

    “When we met, he asked me to calm down and that he had seen that he had been lied to. I told him that I was going to continue with my quest as an independent candidate, and he wished me the very best,” he added. established from separate sources that Meru Senator Mithika Linturi was in charge of helping Ruto pick the strongest UDA candidates in the county – but was unavailable for comment at the time of publishing this story. 

    The comedian made sensational claims that Kathaara was certain of losing the primaries and had to get the ticket by all means possible. 

    “Even the guy who got the ticket,  paid for it because I know that he bought it, had doubts that he would get it. He almost decamped to another party,” Jesse alleged.

    When posed on whether he still backed Ruto’s bid, he steered clear, stating that he would support whoever would form the next government, whether it was Kenya Kwanza or Raila Odinga’s Azimio.

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