Meek Mill Claims Kanye West Sold His Soul

Meek Mill has just recently released Flamerz 5. On his most recent mixtape, the Philadelphia rapper reinterprets some of the year’s most popular songs and infuses them with his unique style.

One song fans have been particularly keen on hearing is his freestyle over “God Did.” Following Jay-Z’s shout-out on the record, Meek revealed that he was cooking up a freestyle over the song.

As it dropped in its entirety on Monday night, fans quickly unpacked the lyrics including a shot at Ye. In response to the Chicago artist’s numerous shots at Meek Mill, the Dreams & Nightmares rapper claimed that Ye sold his soul.

“Make a hundred million dollars and still go get my friends after

And that don’t go for everybody, just the only ones that been back for me

I will never sell my soul for money, like I’m Kanye

It’s crazy I used to bring you on my cell house on lock day

Famous bitches got my idols lookin’ at me sideways

I don’t need no verses from you n***as, I did it my way”

The latest response follows a string of shots over the past few weeks. Meek particularly took issue with Ye’s response to Boosie, who has been particularly critical since the “White Lives Matter” shirt debacle.

“I used to listen to ye every night and jail for motivation on god!” Meek wrote. “And came home and watched him sh*t on my name and brand like nothing …. I ain’t say nothing … but I been knew you was on that nerd tryna sh*t on street N*ggas you just said it to boosie.”

Ye pushed back during his infamous episode on Drink Champs where he called Meek and Diddy “feds.”

“All you fake hard n*ggas, f*ck you… You can’t shoot nobody anyway and the only reason you talk is because you did a deal you f**king fed,” Ye said after name-dropping the “Flamerz Flow” rapper and the REVOLT CEO.

No response from Kanye yet but we’ll keep you updated.

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