• Kisii County Police Commissioner, Francis Kooli, has continued to win hearts with his acts of kindness that have redefined the police service.

    Kooli has been making headlines for good reasons from rescuing needy students, to even helping widows who are grappling with unemployment thus engaging in outlawed activities.

    His benevolence has captured the entire National Police Service, who have been compelled to applaud him, to further propagate his life-changing initiatives.

    His rise to the limelight came when he came to the rescue of the girl who made headlines by reading while herding cows. The police boss, who was touched by the girl’s move, drove all the way to their home and offered to support her academic journey.

    Kisii Police Boss Francis Kooli with a Viral Girl Reading while Herding Cows on September 19
    Kisii Police Boss Francis Kooli with a Viral Girl Reading while Herding Cows on September 19
    National Police Service

    The girl was identified as Janet Memusi, a grade five pupil at Ololchani primary school in Transmara West Sub-County. The police boss further committed himself to support Memusi’s wellbeing as she continues with her education through a statement released on September 18.

    However, that was not his first act of humanity.

    Kooli had earlier proven to have a heart of gold when he helped an entire family, that had lived in a makeshift shelter for about three months, after their mud house collapsed.

    The Inhabitants, Nyabuto and his wife together with their eight children, had lived there up until one person learnt of their sorry state and shared the photos on social media.

    On July 20, Kooli drove all the way to where the family resided and delivered his promise of building them a semi-permanent house. He also delivered other household items he had lobbied with the help of his colleagues, to help the family get back on their feet.

    “I went with some foodstuffs and together with my colleagues who had accompanied me we agreed to build a decent house for the family,” stated the commissioner, noting that they raised enough money to build a semi-permanent house.

    Still on his positive streak of helping the community, Kooli on September 30, in conjunction with the National Police Service, donated pieces of land to widows in Kisii.  In a rare move aimed at assisting the widows, Kooli presided over the handing over of the leased land to Nyagenke Self-Help Group consisting of 200 members.

    “This is part of a joint police-community effort to reform Illicit brewers to be self-reliant by supporting them to earn an honest living,” read the statement. 

    They added, “NPS has a larger cause to play in the progress of communities. We, not only partner with citizens in combating crime but also support their efforts to earn an honest living and abandon illicit trades.”

    In the statement, Kooli received accolades for his efforts in ensuring that the group received help from the National government. Despite all the praises and positive strides, the Kisii police commissioner is still shaping the scope of the entire police service.

    In his latest stint, Kooli has been showered with praises for his move to gift wheelchairs to five beneficiaries at Kiogoro within Kisii Central Dub County. The Police service singled him out for his initiative that is changing the lives of Kisii residents.

    “Kisii County Police continues to engage in community activities including giving a helping a hand where it’s needed. The adage ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ comes live with such noble gestures, when police take an interest in the welfare of the communities they serve led by the county police chief,” part of their statement read.

    They added, “The smiles on the faces of the recipients tell the whole story. Blessed are the hands that giveth. Well done Kisii County Police Commissioner Francis Kooli.”

    Before he was moved to Kisii, Kooli used to serve in Siaya in the same capacity. He replaced Patrick Macharia who was moved to Nakuru. Since his transfer, he has earned a name for himself for his positive initiatives that have continued to win hearts.

    Kisii Police Boss Francis Kooli Donating Wheelchairs in Kisii on Tuesday October 12
    Kisii Police Boss Francis Kooli Donating Wheelchairs in Kisii on Tuesday, October 12
    National Police Service
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