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    Motorists Stranded on Mombasa Road Ahead of Suluhu's Arrival [VIDEO]


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  • Motorists were left stranded on Mombasa road due to a heavy traffic snarl up on Tuesday morning, May 4.

    The motorists lamented that they had been stuck in traffic for more than an hour on the road.

    “Whoa!!! This jam on Mombasa Road from Gateway Mall all the way past Cabanas is crazyyy!!! Been here for an hour,” a netizen stated.

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     “Mombasa road now just a parking lot,” another weighed in.

    Most suspected that the expected arrival of Tanzania president Samia Suluhu in the Country at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), could have been the cause of the heavy traffic.

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    “If you live along Mombasa road, don’t leave home until President Suluhu Samia gets to State House. This kind of inconvenience is unnecessary to working citizens,” KTN news anchor Ken Mijungu lamented.

    Those yet to embark on their journeys and intend to use Mombasa road are advised to use alternative routes into the city center.

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    Suluhu is expected to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House at 9am. She is also expected to address both houses of parliament.

    This is her second overseas trip since taking over, after her visit to Uganda. Her visit is crucial since she will be jetting into the Country five years after a Tanzania Head of State last visited.

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    The discussion between her and president Uhuru will range from bilateral matters and areas of cooperation in terms of regional trade policies that have suffered tensions in recent years.

    The Tanzania Head of State will be seeking to lure Kenya’s business community to consider investments in the neighbouring country. 

    President Suluhu’s visit to Kenya comes just months after her trip to Uganda where she signed the Ksh400 billion East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline deal.

    A google map screenshot showing heavy traffic on Mombasa road on Tuesday, May 4
    A google map screenshot showing heavy traffic on Mombasa road on Tuesday, May 4
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