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MP George Aladwa Chased From Govt Offices in Nairobi [VIDEO]

  • Makadara MP George Aldawa was chased away from the National Government Offices after he arrived with a crowd of traders who were protesting the demolition of their business premises.

    Aladwa had gone to the Makadara Deputy County Commissioner’s office on Tuesday, April 13, to serve a court order stopping the eviction of 4,000 traders whose structures at Uhuru Market along Jogoo Road were brought down. 

    However, police officers chased the MP along with the local leaders who were agitating for the traders’ rights, citing contravention of Covid-19 measures.

    “We came to serve this court order but we were told that they were having tea and we should wait. Did they wait for our traders before demolishing their businesses?” argued Maringo/Hamza MCA Mark Ndung’u who almost got into a fight with the police.

    Aladwa on the other hand stated that he had spent Ksh200,000 to obtain a court order suspending the evictions and would be seeking another order to stop the ongoing construction on the land in question.

    He said that the land was allocated to an Eritrean national through collusion and bribery, to the detriment of the local traders.

    “Here is the court order and the receipt. We paid it without asking the traders for money. We will follow through until justice is served,” the MP said.

    He also called for the intervention of President Uhuru Kenyatta to safeguard the livelihoods of the traders who relied on the market. 

    The outspoken legislator accused the deputy county commissioner of colluding with land grabbers and spreading propaganda that the MP was behind the market demolition. 

    Aladwa led chants calling for the transfer of the current DCC, adding that the previous commissioner cared for the traders and promoted good administration. 

    The government has come under heavy criticism over recent evictions in various parts of the city, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    “It is wrong for any government of the day to subject its citizens to double tragedy where they have to battle the hard-economic times brought about by Covid-19 and at the same time being told to look for new homes at a time when the same government has restricted movement,” Aladwa said. 

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