Mpho Moerane, the City of Johannesburg’s MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services has been sworn in as the first citizen of South Africa’s economic hub, making his appointment official.

Proceedings commenced on a rather sad note at 10:00 at the Council Chambers, with former mayor Jolidee Matongo being honoured. He died in a car crash back in September, a little over a month after he was elected for the post.

At the time of his election, Matongo had assumed the position after Geoff Makhubo also died, succumbing to COVID-19 back in July.

The ANC’s Johannesburg regional executive committee had announced earlier this week that they would be backing Moerane as the party’s candidate for the mayoral post.

“We are not new to the streets and as the new Executive Mayor we continue with what we do best. We carry on with our promise of service delivery, starting in Alexander, my home,” Moerane said after his election in the Chamber.

Moerane honours Jolidee Matongo

In his acceptance speech, new Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Moerane said he made a promise to continue where the work done by the late Jolidee Matongo by continuing to serve the residents of the city to the best of his abilities.

“I am sure I speak on behalf of all Councillors in this chamber when I say none of us expected that we would be here today for the election of another Executive Mayor so soon after Mayor Matongo had taken office,” Moerane said.

Further reflecting on the city and the African National Congress (ANC) losing two mayors in such a short period, Moerane said both Matongo and Makhubo were both his comrades who were committed to serving Johannesburg.

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