Nairobi County Askaris Pluck Out All of Man's Teeth

  • A Nairobi hawker is in anguish after county askaris pulled out all his teeth. This occurred after the man was allegedly unable to produce a Ksh100 bribe the officers demanded.

    The 25-year-old man, Antony Maina, apparently had only Ksh20 with him at the moment, which he offered. The officers angrily declined citing it was too insignificant.

    The antagonists then handcuffed Maina and brutally whipped him with a metal rod. Afterwards, they exited the scene in a county registered vehicle.

    Antony Maina
    Brutalized Nairobi hawker Antony Maina on Friday, July 2
    K24 Digital

    Maina was then admitted at Mama Lucy Hospital in Umoja, Nairobi. Unfortunately, his injuries were severe and they remain so even as doctors stitched his lower jaw.

    “My brother is struggling to eat. He can’t chew anything. He can only take porridge and Juice using a straw,” his brother Elias Mwangi told K24 Digital.

    The matter was reported to officers at Central Police Station but to no avail. The accused county askaris continue to walk scot-free.

    Maina was on his daily routine, selling socks along Nairobi’s Tom Mboya street when the city askaris approached him, asked for a bribe and finally assaulted him.

    Nonetheless,It is pervasively understood by most Nairobians that pleading ignorance or brokenness when ensared overzealous City Council askaris does not help as much.

    In June 2021, the city’s administration announced that over 1,000 Nairobi City County inspectorate service officers would be trained by the National Police Service(NPS) as a means to fixing their bad reputation.

    Commonly referred to as kanjo askaris, they are infamous for their ruthless handling of residents and traders implicated in various offences.

    The four-month training was scheduled to start in June at Kiganjo Police Training College and Administration Police Training College, Embakasi.

    A photo of Nairobi County Askaris on a patrol.
    Nairobi County Askaris on a routine patrol.
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