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    Nelson Havi Defies Martha Koome


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  • Law Society of Kenya chairperson Nelson Havi, on Monday, May 3, defied the Chief Justice nominee Martha Koome affirming that he would not retract his initial statement on her nomination as the CJ.

    Koome had initially issued a statement seeking Havi to issue an apology for what she termed as content aimed at tarnishing her name.

    Havi however, in a defiant move maintained his stance and affirmed that he would not issue an apology to the CJ nominee.

    The LSK president Nelson Havi posing for a photo after being elected as president on Thursday, February 27,2020
    The LSK president Nelson Havi posing for a photo after being elected as president on Thursday, February 27,2020
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    “I need not say more on the question as to whether the reputation of Justice Koome has been lowered in the minds of right-thinking members of the Kenyan society in particular: commissioners of JSC, judges, judicial officers and advocates.

    “It’s unfortunate that after praising the almighty for her rise to the Pinnacle of the legal profession, she appears to be starting on a wrong note. You will be a threat to free speech and democracy if you persist on this course,” Havi stated.

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    Previously, LSK had disputed Koome’s ability to serve as the country’s chief justice. LSK questioned Koome’s past cases alleging that she was unable to act independently without favoritism and without proper motives.

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    Some of the mentioned cases include; the National Cereals and Produce Board versus Erad Suppliers and General Contractors Limited, the unprecedented night ruling of the  Court of Appeal on October 25, 2017.

    Havi accused Koome for not being transparent or accountable as a judge.

    “She is determined to ensure that no one questions her conduct even before her nomination is approved by the national assembly,” Havi stated.

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    Koome is set to make history as the first female chief justice after she was nominated by the Judicial Service Commission for the position after a two weeks extensive interview process.

    She is set to be vetted by MPs on Thursday, May 13 after President Uhuru Kenyatta submitted her name for vetting and approval.

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    Court of Appeal judge Martha Koome
    Court of Appeal judge Martha Koome
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