Carl Niehaus has distanced himself from allegations that he is ‘closely’ connected to Zandile Mafe. Mafe is the man accused of starting the fire that left Parliament devastated, facing a litany of charges including arson. 

Carl Niehaus
Niehaus has slammed the allegation that he has ties to the man suspected of starting the fire at Parliament. Image: Carl Niehaus/ Twitter

Niehaus accused of ‘close’ ties to Parliament fire accused

In a post to social media an individual identifying as Goolam claimed that the two men were linked. Goolam claimed that the two men had participated in a march to Luthuli House in support of former president Jacob Zuma.

“The man arrested for the devastating fire in parliament, Mr Zandile Mafe, is allegedly closely associated with Carl Niehaus. Mafe was part of a march with Carl to Luthuli House in defence of Jacob Zuma in 2017. Developing story…”


In response to this, Niehaus labeled this controversial claim as nothing short of defamation. Certainly, Niehaus says that he intends to prove this claim is false in court.

“This kind of crap, and down right defamation, will be dealt with immediately and head on. I have already instructed my attorneys to proceed with a defamation lawsuit.”

Carl Niehaus

Ties to Zandile Mafe denied

Speaking to the South African, Niehaus commented on these allegations. The ANC figure says that the matter is ‘simple’, he has no ties to the man facing the music for the devastation of the national key point.

“It is very simple. I have no connection with Zandile Mafe, and do not know him at all. There is nothing more to say. These are just malicious lies.”

Carl Niehaus

Mafe was taken into custody on Sunday just hours after the news broke that a fire was raging at Parliament in Cape Town. The blaze has done extensive damage to the buildings, despite the best efforts of emergency personnel on the scene.

On Tuesday, Mafe’s identity had been revealed after he appeared in court for the first time.Mafe’s lawyer, attorney Luvuyo Godla wants his client to be released on bail because he poses no flight risk. Furthermore, Mafe has pleaded not guilty and denied the charges he faces for his alleged involvement in the Parliament fire.

The court has granted a 7-day remand of the matter with the case postponed to 11 January. Meanwhile, Mafe will remain in custody.

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