Female breasts always elicit a strong desire from men to touch, kiss, and suck. But you need to know how to do nipple play properly.

Nipple Play

“What’s with men and breasts?” people tend to ask. But think about it, the nipple is the first thing in our mouth the moment we are born. You can say that men are biologically enslaved to its attractive power. And like the bull’s eye in a target, we’ll aim for nipple play the moment our girl takes her top off.

But despite the attention it gets, men still fail to grasp the intricacies of a girl’s boobs. No, vigorous sucking and hardcore porn groping won’t do. It might even be unpleasant for her. Breasts and nipples are in fact like a finely-tuned machine, they need precise and careful touching. So how does one become an expert at nipple play? Better get your notes ready.

Proper nipple play

As mentioned, breasts and nipples – especially the female breast and nipples – are very sensitive. It means that if you do it wrong, you end up hurting her, and if you press your buttons right, you may get a chance to unlock her floodgates down there and maybe get to give her an orgasm. 

So how do you properly play with her breasts? The first thing you need to know is the “layout” of nerves around it and the proper way of stimulating it to get actual pleasure. Here’s a summary of the pleasure map of her breasts and nipples and ways for you to exploit them during proper nipple play.

The breast – the boob itself is purely a mound of fat covered by skin and the skin is where the nerves are. So, the best route is to stimulate the skin covering her breast, not the flesh of the breasts itself. This means that light touches, not squeezing is your option.

The nipple – is arguably the area where the nerves are most concentrated. The surface area of the nipple is so sensitive that temperature changes can cause it to stiffen *as we all probably know*. In addition to that, the areola and the nipple sensory system is so complex that it can sense a wide variety of textures.

Is she nearing her period? – most women complain that their breasts feel sore and swollen a few days before their period. This is actually caused by hormonal imbalance that they experience prior to menstruation. If this is the case, you should probably lay off the nipple play for the meantime.

Know the different ways to stimulate her breasts – aside from your hands and fingers, you can use your lips, teeth, and even your facial hair. Each type of stimulation creates a novel sensation for her which can register different levels of pleasure. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Don’t be afraid to use toys – you’d be surprised at the variety of sex toys aimed for nipple and breast pleasure out there. There are clamps, suckers, nipple vibrators, and chains just waiting for you to try.

Use oil if necessary – not all people have the smoothest hands to caress equally sensitive breasts. No girl would ever want to feel that their boobs are being rubbed by sandpaper, yeah? So you better have a bottle of light massage oil or gel at the ready just in case.

Blindfolds – psychology teaches us that eliminating one of the senses adds intensity for the other remaining senses. A blindfold would leave her at the mercy of her imagination and to what she feels crawling on her skin resulting in a lip-biting experience for her.

Finally, appreciate her breasts – say how beautiful they are and how you love doing things to them. Make her feel genuinely sexy. That’ll be pleasure that no toy or technique can imitate.

Boob and nipple play tips

#1 Start playing with her boobs with her clothes on. Well, foreplay usually starts with your clothes on and you would definitely agree that groping over her bra and sweater is definitely hot. It feels kinky, dirty, and forbidden.

Well, while she doesn’t feel skin to skin contact yet, the anticipation that builds as you stroke the areas where her nipple should be provides the thrilling sensation that would turn her on.

#2 Blowing. Lots of sex guides would suggest that you should deliberately avoid contact with key areas in order to build anticipation. One way to do this is to give her a sense of being touched without touching her at all.

Lightly blowing on her breasts stimulates the tiny hairs on the skin that will surely drive her wild. Do this by slightly opening your mouth over her nipple and exhaling, or lightly blowing lines over her breasts like blowing a candle.

#3 Scratching. Use the tip of your fingernails *make sure they are trimmed* to lightly trace lines over the skin of her breasts all the way to areola and nipples making your touch lighter as you reach  the center. Seeing goose bumps over her skin? Then you’re doing it right.

#4 Breast massage. Use the palm of your hand to rub her chest. Using both palms fingers facing outward; rub her from her stomach all the way up to the base of her breasts. Then trace the outline of her breasts with your fingers in a circular motion until you end up in her collarbone.

#5 Pulling. Rest your hands on the cup of her breasts while leaving your thumb and index finger free to play with her nipples. Starting from the base of her nipple, draw her nipple out in a pulling motion applying decreasing pressure as you let it slip from your fingers. Don’t overdo it or you end up hurting her.

#6 Kissing. A kiss on her breast registers the sensation of soft, warm, and slightly moist lips that she’ll be sure to love. Start with short pecks from her underboob and work your way with longer and deeper kisses until you reach her nipples.

Note that you need to maintain a pattern while doing this. Kissing her breasts in random places would make her feel ticklish.

#7 Licking. Licking is wet, slimy and warm. And then cools off as the saliva evaporates from her skin making for a novel mix of sensations. There are many ways to lick her breasts, but for now, focus on tracing circles around her areola with the tip of your tongue, afterwards…

#8 Sucking. Sucking is perpetually warm, moist, and silky with the texture of the insides of your mouth. Most girls love their nipple being sucked because of the mixture of these sensations. Remember that sucking can hurt as well if you do it vigorously.

#9 Pinching and nipple clamps. Nipple pinching is quite an acquired taste for some girls who would not be ready to like it at first. Pinching evokes the sensation of pressure and the natural way for girls to feel this is when their nipples harden due to cold temperatures.

So if you’re introducing pinching to nipple play, start with a clamp that has light pressure on it and then gradually work your way to her pinch pleasure threshold.

#10 Introduce a different sensation by using ice. You’ve seen this in movies somewhere. Guy picks a cube of ice from a champagne cooler, uses it as a crayon and draws circles over the girl’s breasts as she writhes in anticipation. The best way, however, is to put the ice in your mouth and let the hot and cold sensations mix as you suck on her nipple.

Breasts and nipples sure do get a lot of attention during sex, but are they getting the proper handling? Remember, they can be sensitive. They can hurt if you manhandle them too much during nipple play, but they also have the potential to provide a great sexual experience if handled properly.