Following the victory of Oluwarotimi Akeredolu at the Supreme Court on Wednesday, where the justices, in a split judgment of four-to-three, upheld his election as Governor of Ondo State, stakeholders have been baring their minds on the judgment.

Speaking on the outcome of the judgment, Tayo Oluyi, a staunch member of the inner caucus of the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Eyitayo Jegede, stated that the judgment had opened the eyes of those who were describing Jegede as an interloper.

According to Oluyi, the judgment revealed that the nomination and submission of Akeredolu as APC candidate was not validly done.

“It’s no longer news that the Supreme Court in a split judgement had given a verdict in favor of the Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN and the All Progressive Congress (APC).

“Barring insinuations by some political onlookers that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and her candidate in the October 10 gubernatorial election, Eyitayo Jegede, SAN, are meddlesome interlopers, the unanimous position of the Supreme Court panel of judges that the APC flouted the constitution in the sponsorship of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu justified the PDP and her candidate, Eyitayo Jegede, SAN, and has further exposed the illegal administration of the affairs of the APC from federal to the local level.

“The case will go down in history as one of those that widened our electoral jurisprudence. Now that the Supreme Court has decided, it’s time for all well-meaning stakeholders to join hands together for the development of our dear state.”

While describing the Supreme Court judgment as a narrow escape for Akeredolu, a political analyst in the state, Olabode, emphasized that with tension high in the state prior to the judgment, no one had imagined that the split judgment would be that close.

Olabode stated that the judgment was an eye-opener to ensure that politicians abide by the rules of the game instead of embracing impunity.

On his part, a stalwart of APC in the State, Rotimi Ogunleye, maintained that Akeredolu was not at fault over the development as he stressed that he did his own part by winning convincingly during the October 10, 2020 polls.

According to him, “It was a split decision, four-to- three. There are seven judges. Four said Buni should have been joined, the other three said he shouldn’t have been joined. That is the beauty of democracy. I called that one justice of democracy. When the majority have their way, the minority equally have their say.

“It means that henceforth, political leaders and political parties would now see reasons why they obey their rules and why they must follow their rules to the letter.

“You can’t blame Akeredolu. You can’t blame him for anything. He went for his election, won his election clean and square. As far as he’s bothered, he was returned by the majority of voters in Ondo State, So that was a legitimate mandate.

“But for the procedure that led to his nomination to be challenged, there is no way that could have impeached the sovereignty of office given to him by the people of Ondo State.

“It could have been subversion of people’s will if the judgment had gone the other way. Maybe God knows why he made the whole thing to appear that way because I’ve never as a Nigerian believed in the fact that for once singular technical error, the governor that has been validly elected his votes will be voided and be given to somebody who did not even participate or who came distance second, third or fourth. Morally, I’ve always seen it as a very wrong judgment.

“So, I see it as justice for democracy. It is the judgment of the majority and that is what it is. It would only lead to the second phase of political struggle, which is to let us all continue to do things according to the dictates of our constitution and rules.”

For a popular lawyer in the state, Olasumbo Faseesin, the split judgment of the apex court was one of the most profound in the history of the country’s judicial system.

“Carefully, if you listen to the justices , you will realize that the section for which Eyitayo Jegede, SAN was relying on cannot alone pass.

“You’ll agree with me that Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu had the majority of accredited votes. It is a post election matter.

“So, if Buni acted as the chairman, he only did that because it is just an obligation. The law is that you cannot put nothing on something and expect it to stand.

“In view of that, if Buni had not been an APC member or a member of a political party, he could not have been the governor, if saddled with the responsibility, he must obliged which is clearly different from an executive position, and contrary to the position of Eyitayo Jegede citing that section.”