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One-legged Woman is a World Class Salsa Dancer and Inspiration to All (WATCH)

A salsa dancer in Venezuela has become a YouTube sensation and an inspiration to differently-abled people everywhere.

After losing a limb in an accident five years ago, Andreyna Hernandez returned to the very spot of the tragedy to show that she’s still got the moves.

In a video that went viral, she sways gracefully with her partner, Robert Terán, at a Social Dance festival, the Salsa Casino.

Terán is her life partner and director of the dance academy FeedBack Latino.

Andreyna wrote on Instagram, “Observing the happiness and motivation of people when seeing a person in my condition dance, and much more considering that just in that area was where that tree was that was… that caused the loss of my lower left limb.”

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“This loss was not an impediment at all. from the first moment I discovered that I could dance again. nothing stopped me. I’ll keep doing what I like until the end of time!” she exclaimed

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