More than 100 US lawmakers have penned aletter to US State Department and called on US President Joe Biden to leave talks with Iran over its nuclear program.

The letter was initiated by Michael McCowell, Senior Member of Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives and 109 of other legislators have signed the letter.

In the letter, US Republic lawmakers addressed US President Joe Biden and called for immediately ceasing fruitless negotiations to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and instead. They called on Biden to use the existing sanctions against Iran with power especially on oil trade between Iran and China.

This hostile attempt comes at a time when many US experts and even US officials acknowledge that sanctions on Iran have been slowed down and that the Iranian economy is neutralizing the effects of sanctions.

For example, a senior US State Department official confessed about two weeks ago that sanctions against Iran have worn off without any results for Washington.

In a detailed report on Iran’s nuclear and missile program, The New Yorker wrote that Iran did not back down under pressure during former US President Donald Trump and instead accelerated its missile and nuclear programs.