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PA ‘running behind peace continuously is proof of failure,’ says Jordanian politician

The Secretary General of Jordan’s Democratic Popular Unity Party said on Monday that the fact that the Palestinian Authority “is running continuously behind peace is a proof of its failure,” Al-Resalah has reported.

“Betting on the illusion of so-called peace is a proof that peace talks were intended to waste time, not to reach a solution,” claimed Said Diab. “The PA has lost all the national elements. This makes it necessary for the Palestinian resistance groups to come together and stand against the PA’s security cooperation with the Israeli occupation.”

Diab added that the way that the PA deals with Israeli Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu “is betting on illusion”, because the Israeli leader “is highly racist.”

The Jordanian politician stressed that the behaviour of the PA makes it antagonistic towards the Palestinian people. Their only option, he insisted, is to depose it.

Diab renewed his call for the PA to stop “the path of absurd negotiations which led to more loss of land and rights, and gave more opportunities for the expansion of Israeli settlements.” All of Israel’s settlers and settlements are illegal under international law.

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