An unfortunate postscript to what was a brilliant evening for his team, Green Bay Packers’ running back Aaron Jones lost a necklace containing a portion of his father’s ashes in the End Zone.

However a reporter at a very empty Lambeau Field noticed that at 1:45 AM on Tuesday morning, one of the first team trainers—Bryan “Flea” Engel—was searching the End Zone for the necklace.

Jones had a huge game against the Detroit Lions on Monday night when he scored four touchdowns in a 35-17 rout.

He revealed to reporters afterwards that he had lost the necklace which had a pendant containing some of his father’s ashes, who died when he was 56 from complications with COVID-19.

“He’d be happy. He’d be like, ‘If you lose it anywhere, lose it in the end zone,’” Jones admitted in high spirits during a postgame interview.

The pendant was black, which likely didn’t help in spotting it easily, but nevertheless Mr. Engel ended up finding the football equivalent of a needle in a haystack, bringing the brief tragedy to a heartwarming end.

“[He] found it, so we’re perfect,” Jones said on Tuesday morning, speaking with The Steve Czaban Show on 97.3 The Game in Milwaukee.

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“Thank you to him. He was out there until 1:45 [a.m. CT]. It shows how much they care about us,” ESPN reported.

Perhaps it’s fitting something like this should happen at Lambeau, home of the only fan-owned football team.

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Green Bay is a tiny city, but even after 13 league championships, including four Super Bowl wins, they’ve never left their home field in favor of the glitz and glam of a major American metropolis.

Mr. Engel’s actions, then, in many ways, reflect those of his franchise.

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