With the Pegasus tool, the attacker can get SMS records, contact details, call history, calendar records, emails, instant messaging and browsing history. According to the product brochure by NSO Group, Pegasus can snoop WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and BlackBerry messenger. Pegasus can secretly click photos, record calls, record surrounding audio and even take screenshots without alerting the user. Once the spying mission is over, the Pegasus operator can hit the kill switch remotely to self-delete the Pegasus agent on the victim’s phone.

​Who created Pegasus

The Pegasus spyware is created by Israel-based surveillance tech company NSO Group, also known as Q Cyber Technologies. The Pegasus is not a random spyware that you get online. The company– NSO Group– was founded in 2009 as a specialised surveillance technology solution maker in Israel. Pegasus is its well-known spying product. But Pegasus is not the only product it sells. “NSO is a technology company with a range of products, including those designed to augment data analytics capabilities by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, improve search and rescue efforts, implement effective counter-measures against incursions by drones,” as per the company.

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