• Police officers in Nairobi County have been banned from using civilian cars during undercover missions in one of the National Police Service (NPS) measures aimed at reforming the security sector. 

    In the notice dated Monday, October 4, Nairobi police bosses defended the ban, stating that cases of extortion and other illegal operations such as extra-judicial killings and kidnapping were rampant in the city and the move would help in identifying officers involved in an operation. 

    The move, according to police headquarters, was necessitated after many victims alleged that officers attached to police stations in different areas apprehend individuals who do not reside in their areas of jurisdiction with an aim of extorting them.

    The victims argued that such arrests lead to confusion as family members move from one police station to the other in search of their kin.

    Vehicles parked outside a police station
    Vehicles parked outside a police station

    To that effect, police officers were further banned from operating outside their areas of jurisdiction. 

    “Officers not based in their areas of operation should cease forthwith from conducting any police duties outside their jurisdiction. If so departmental action will be taken against any person contravening this directive.” 

    “Policing needs to be undertaken professionally using the rightful resources,” an excerpt of the notice read. 

    Officers Commanding Stations (OCSs) were tasked with reporting and explaining why private vehicles were used in any certain operation, in case the officers were necessitated to disguise their identity. 

    Nairobi Deputy Regional police boss, James Mugera, stated that the latest reform was in the best interest of members of the public who had raised numerous grievances against the police. 

    He also banned Quick Response Unit (QRU) officers (those in uniforms) from making arrests and closing bars and restaurants during curfew. 

    “Some of their officers had taken advantage of the measures introduced in good faith to contain insecurity to extort, harass and intimidate the same members of the public they are supposed to protect.”

    “We have decided to enforce the new directives with immediate effect and any officer found not undertaking his duties professionally will face the music. There is no room for rogue officers in Nairobi,” Mugera cautioned. 

    An undated image of police patrolling area during curfew hours
    An undated image of police patrolling area during curfew hours
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