There’s serious trouble facing a police van driver after allegedly killing a child in a hit-and-run. The tragedy happened in Gauteng’s East Rand on Thursday.


According to the report which has circulated on social media, the 13-year-old child was killed KwaThema on the East Rand.

Reports say the police van did not stop to take responsibility, making the accident a hit-and-run. The deceased was with her 7-year-old brother, whom she pushed away in an apparent sacrifice to save his life.

It is further said that witnesses of the grim event, which happened in broad daylight around 14:20, quickly followed the police van before capturing its registration plate.

The driver of the police van is believed to be a female driver who was accompanied by an ununiformed male.

“We are aware. We learnt about it last night (Thursday) when members of the public reported it to us on social media,” IPID spokesperson Grace Langa confirmed.

“Indeed it happened. We are starting to investigate the matter today (Friday),” Langa said.

“We will ensure justice for the family,” Langa said.

More details to follow!

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