Policewoman Reaches Out to Mutyambai Over Bosses' Harassment

  • A policewoman based at Langata Police Station has reached out to Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, requesting his intervention in a case where she accused her bosses of frustrating her at work. 

    Police Constable Swaleh Rehemah told on Friday, June 11, that she was exhausted by the back and forth between her and the OCPD – Benjamin Mwanthi – and the OCS – Willima Matu. She alleged that they had cut off her salary and denied her a maternal leave a few days after she delivered. 

    “What I can tell Mutyambai as our boss is that he should really look into our situation as ladies in the police service. We are facing a lot of intimidations and frustrations.

    “At times we can’t speak out as we are curtailed. He should help us and I know I have spoken on behalf of my colleagues somewhere who are suffering too,” Rehemah urged.

    Police Constable Swaleh Rehemah based at Langata Police Station

    In a series of posts on her Instagram stories, Rehemah alleged that she worked tirelessly when she was between 7 and 9 months pregnant. The OCS and the OCP who were recently posted to the station, she claimed, did not attempt to reach out to her personally to sort her issue. 

    The OCS, she added summoned her later and ordered her to report to work while she was in the late months of her pregnancy. She honoured the call and the outcome, she stated, was being reposted to another police post, West Park, which is managed by the Langata Police Station. 

    Rehemah, according to her statements, worked at West Park for a month only to be summoned again by the records personnel who informed her that she was poised to face disciplinary action. The official told her that she had been reported for absenteeism and that she was supposed to work at the Langata Police Station rather than West Park. 

    “The duty roster was changed and was reposted back to Langata without being informed,” she complained. 

    She reportedly faced her bosses and asked for clarification on why they were transferring her from one station to another yet she was seven months pregnant. 

    “I filed a case with the Internal Affairs, but I later withdrew it as I was too weak to move around and keep pace with the proceedings,” she added. 

    Rehemah was blessed with a baby on June 2, sadly through an emergency caesarian operation (cs – surgery). She alleged that she was denied her leave despite sending her birth notification to her colleagues who allegedly filed it at the police station. 

    “The OCS has refused me leave. Other ladies who delivered before me sent their notifications and they were granted leave. I am told that I should have personally taken my birth notification. 

    “With my surgical wound, I can’t even walk well. I was further shocked when they stated that I deserted work and I won’t get my salary henceforth,” she lamented. 

    The accused OCPD, however, refuted all allegations when speaking to 

    “That is a fabricated story and we have not denied her leave. I am also not aware whether she filed a report at the Internal Affairs,” the OCPD, Benjamin Mwanthi, defended himself adding that he wouldn’t comment further on the story. 

    Police Constable Swaleh Rehemah told that she was frustrated at work.
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