The SA Post Office has extended its drive to deliver parcels to ensure that all parcels held at its branches are collected.

The campaign is make sure that the delivery of items is quicker and more efficient to keep waiting times to a minimum.


“We are serious about serving our customers’ needs – we have introduced a culture of being obsessed with the customer,” said Nomkhita Mona, Group CEO of the SA Post Office. 

She said that they found that a large number of parcels go to post office branches, but they are not collected by customers and eventually returned to the sender.

Therefore, the Post Office is now conducting a campaign to ensure that all parcels held at its branches are collected.

“The Post Office sends SMS notifications and collection slips to customers and then send then again weekly for all items that were not collected. Customers awaiting delivery of their parcels are also urged to enquire at their local post office.,” she said.

Mona said the successful partnerships with online shopping companies and Mail America testify to the improved levels of service at the new Post Office. 

Since the beginning of the agreement with, the parcel volumes have risen rapidly, she said.

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Mona said as well as the SA Post Office monitor progress with the delivery and collection of each parcel through the track and trace system.

The partners regularly meet for quality control purposes to ensure a smooth, swift delivery process.

Mona said she believes that the organisation has a crucial role to play in the lives of South Africans – and within the region since the majority of the country’s citizens rely solely on the large national footprint of the SA Post Office.

The Post Office said since her arrival at the organization six months ago, the services have started showing result.

“Although the organisation had regressed, she is confident that together with her team, they can restore confidence in the SA Post Office,” it said.

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