Premier Soccer League season should be cancelled: Segolela

Former Orlando Pirates player Tlou Segolela believes the 2019/20 Premier Soccer League (PSL) season should be cancelled.

The 32-year-old former Buccaneers winger believes that the league should abandon its quest to complete a season that was suspended in March.

Premier Soccer League season should be cancelled

At the core of the decorated PSL veteran’s concerns is the ability of the players to return safely and put on standard of football fans have become accustomed to over the years.

The PSL remain determined for the suspended season to be wrapped up and the government has given the green light for professional football to resume in the country but a restart doesn’t sit well with all.

Segolela says there is a danger in trying to emulate Europe considering South Africa has yet to reach the co-called peak of coronavirus cases.

“The infection rate in South Africa keeps going up every day which is very bad,” Segolela told Far Post.

“But you also need to understand football at the moment is a business, but for me personally I was going to call it off. It’s a tricky one because it involves so many things.

“Money and lives so one should be brave enough to make a call depending on what they value but you can’t buy life and we can’t compare ourselves with Europeans.”

The former Bafana Bafana winger, Segolela said that the psychological effects of the return to play under present conditions could not be underestimated.

“For the players to go back to the field at the moment it goes with individuals,” the team manager at ABC Motsepe League side Polokwane City Rovers added.

“This pandemic has caused a lot of havoc and problems and it depends on certain individuals that how much were they affected you know but as a player, you are always hungry to play.

“The only thing that can disturb them is the experience that they went through during this period.”

The PSL has been cleared to return to training with the proviso that they must observe strict protocols including frequent testing.

These tests have already turned up four players who have returned infected with the virus.

Segolele said that he didn’t doubt the players would get back on the pitch if asked to but felt that greed was pushing the PSL to do something that might not be the best course of action.

“People are losing lives if a certain player has lost a family member or somebody that they know those are the things that can affect them,” the former Celtic player said.

“But as a footballer, you always want to play in the field of play.”

The PSL stands to lose millions if they are unable to honour their broadcast agreement with Supersport and has warned that some clubs could go out of business if the season is scrapped.

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