Prior To His Passing, Aaron Carter Desired To Meet Kanye West And Resume Acting

Before his untimely death over the weekend, Aaron Carter appeared to be on the edge of a new era in his life. The “Come Get It” singer allegedly sought assistance for Kanye West just days before his body was discovered in a bathtub on November 5.

During a Nov. 2 episode of the podcast “No Jumper,” Aaron blasted Ye’ over his controversial social media outbursts before offering to get the 45-year old help. “In my opinion right now, Kanye, you f**king stupid as s** t for f**king putting out a f***king ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt when the white population isn’t being targeted and dealing with prejudice and racism and all of this bulls ***t.”

Carter continued, “That’s what Black Lives Matter stood for, is that. All the injustice that’s been done to the Black community. So when I saw [West’s T-shirt], I was like, ‘You know what, what the f – – k is he doing?’ ” Carter continued. “Because I’m like, ‘Bro, seriously? You stupid as f – – k. You’re a broke a – – boy.’”

Aside from the criticism, the 34-year old said that he wanted to assist Kanye in doing better for himself. “Maybe I could sit him down and have an intellectual conversation with him on how to turn your f – – king stupid life around when you’re being stupid like me. I would do a song with Kanye just because he’s controversial and he’s got a great mind.” While working with West was on his bucket list, Aaron fulfilled another dream role before his untimely passing.

The late star was set to make his return to the small screen after filming the pilot episode of Group, an independent sitcom about mental health recovery.  Writer and director Brian Farmer told Deadline about the upcoming show, “Aaron was so excited about the show and helping raise awareness for mental health, a topic he was very passionate about.”

Farmer and his team plan to move forward with the project and dedicate it to Aaron.

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