• Private detective, Jane Mugo, aided police in tracking and apprehending a notorious Nairobi criminal. 

    The detective shared a video that captured her grilling the suspect at an unidentified farmyard on Monday, October 25. 

    Mugo stated that she was familiar with the accused who once stole her identity and used it to swindle unwary Kenyans online. 

    She, however, resorted to rehabilitating the youth rather than pressing charges. However, the habitual criminal did not conform. 

    A blurred image of private detective Jane Mugo arresting a suspect on Monday, October 25, 2021

    “This guy used my photos online to obtain money from Kenyans online in 2020. I caught him, got him a job so he could reform.” 

    “He stole again and continued obtaining money from more people,” Mugo wrote on her social media outlets. 

    After tracking him down, Mugo confronted the suspect who had attempted to pin the blame on the brother. 

    She accused him of being a liar and roping the sibling into the identity theft crime. 

    “I saw you with the phone. Why are you trying to have us arrest your brother?” Mugo wondered. 

    The self-trained spy added that she handed him over to the police and would press charges. 

    “Do you have this serial liar, petty thieves in your family, workplace and neighbourhood? Or even your spouse? Some people will never change.”

    “To be trusted is better than to be loved,” Mugo added. 

    Detective Jane Mugo at her home in Nairobi
    Private detective Jane Mugo at her home in Nairobi as documented in a BBC feature story in January 2021
    criminal thieves arrest suspect
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