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‘Release Zuma, end lockdown’ – #FreeJacobZuma campaign list demands | Muhabarishaji News

What have we just watched? A coalition of Jacob Zuma loyalists – known as #FreeJacobZuma – delivered a list of their demands via a virtual address on Friday, imploring the state to free the jailed former president… but didn’t stop there.

#FreeJacobZuma campaign list their demands

Amongst other things, the group also wants to see lockdown restrictions lifted completely. Indeed, it seems like being a supporter of Jacob Zuma these days means you have to pretend COVID-19 isn’t a thing. In the 90-minute broadcast, both Carl Niehaus and Andile Lungisa joined Phapano Phasha – who outlined what their campaign is gunning for:

  • – Zuma must be released immediately, with all litigation against him halted.
  • – Mines must be nationalised, alongside the SARB.
  • – A State Bank must be established, and national banks must focus on areas of development.
  • – The stranglehold of ‘white monopoly capital’ must be broken.
  • – COVID-19 lockdown regulations should be lifted, as they are – allegedly – ‘stifling freedom of speech in SA’.
  • – The alliance with BRICS must be strengthened.
  • – All SOEs must be protected from privitisation, while SAA should be RENATIONALISED.

Niehaus rips into his own party

The frankly outlandish demands aren’t likely to cause even a ripple amongst the judiciary, but that didn’t stop Carl Niehaus from ranting about Zuma’s incarceration. The suspended ANC member took pot-shots at the State Security Department and denied that he or any other supporters of uBaba are behind an insurrection attempt.

“Government has employed a ‘stratcom tactic’, by using Zuma supporters as scapegoats for the unrest. These riots are not an orchestrated attempt to overturn govt. The State Security Agency’s response to the unrest is riddled with misinformation, and Deputy Minister Zizi Kodwa: You are the deputy minister of intelligence but you are not intelligent”.

Jacob Zuma latest – supporters say he has ‘learned his lesson’

However, the biggest chortle of the address came towards the end of this briefing. Phasha, a spokesperson for the #FreeJacobZuma movement, pleaded for the ex-president’s release – on the basis that he has ‘learned his lesson’. Sjoe, that must have been some week he’s had behind bars, then…

“For those watching, we wish good health to Jacob Zuma. He is nearly 80, he cannot be jailed under these conditions. The former president must be released within immediate effect. It’s in the Constitution, he can be released on a presidential problem. Ramaphosa must know that Zuma has learnt his lesson, so can he be freed now?” | Phapano Phasha

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