RHOBH: Why Dorit Kemsley’s Alarm Didn’t Go Off During Robbery

Thankfully, Dorit’s children didn’t get up in the middle of the night this time around. When she heard a noise she thought was them, Dorit recalled being greeted by “an adult with a flashlight.” 

“They didn’t expect me to be home, and it wasn’t immediately they went into my closet,” Dorit said. “I had to tell them, ‘Take it all, I don’t care about any of it. Just don’t hurt my babies.'”

From there, she was surprisingly level-headed—at least, that’s what she wanted the intruders to think. “They were very nervous and agitated and anxious,” Dorit said, “and I just knew, my instinct kicked in, and I knew I had to counter that with being calm.”

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