Oroujali Alizadeh the Director-General of East Azarbaijan Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization said Thursday  transit route of Iranian trucks heading towards Armenia has not changed and the lorries are using the old route through Nurduz Border.

Presently, the trucks are suing the same old route and the trade is going on on the same path.

Alizadeh said there are not any barriers to Iranian trucks to pass the transit route.

The official also pointed out that the government of Republic of Azerbaijan receives tolls from Iranian trucks on the route adding that Jolfa border and Nakhchivan route to Armenia had been closed as before and no transit to Armenia is underway on that path.

It should be noted that Nurduz border crossing and its customs administration is located 60 km east of Iran’s Jolfa and Agarak (Meghri) on the side of the border in the Republic of Armenia.