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Ruai Demolition Forces Family to Live in Toilet [VIDEO]

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  • Evelyn Sinjeli, a mother of two, was forced to live in a toilet structure after her house was brought down following the demolitions that were carried out in Ruai, to pave way for the expansion of a sewerage treatment plant.

    Speaking to the media, the mother could not contain herself and wailed as she narrated how she has been forced to put up in a makeshift toilet with her son and daughter.

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    “Why did they have to demolish my house and leave me with a toilet? Why didn’t they just demolish the toilet and let me just have a place where my children can sleep at night? she wondered. 

    Evelyn further explained that during the demolitions, the officers from Ruai Sewage Treatment Plant asked her to take her cries to State House.

    “I kept on asking them why they would do such a thing, seeing as I have to very young children. ‘Take your cries to State House, they said’ before leaving us in the cold.

    “I have been moving around looking for odd jobs to find anything to feed my children. It has been hard. When I beg someone to let me wash their clothes even from a distance and get unga for the kids, they reject the offer because of Coronavirus,” she said in between bursts of tears.

    “To whoever wants children, a boy and a girl, I am willing to give them up instead of watching them starve,” she stated.

    Another woman, Leonida Munyangi, revealed that after falling victim to the 2008 post-election violence, she was first moved to Embakasi by the then-Member of Parliament Ferdinand Waititu, who then relocated them to the Ruai land.

    “When we settled in Embakasi, we were told that we needed to move due to a case involving that piece of land. 

    “That was when Waititu moved us to Ruai, back in 2008 and told us to settle here because it is government land,” she lamented.

    A few metres from Leonida’s makeshift structure, Mary Wanjiku was seen trying to gather pieces of timber and iron sheet.

    Her semblance of a home was demolished in the dead of the night once again, she explained.

    “They are here every night to demolish any sort of structure we try to set up just to save us from the biting cold. I have been living here since I was a young girl, where do I go?” she questioned.

    Ruai residents whose houses were demolished on Mah 16, 2020, gather what they can following the demolition.
    Ruai residents whose houses were demolished on Mah 16, 2020, gather what they can following the demolition.
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