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Russian officials felicitate Iranian President-elect

President of Kalmykia in his message, while congratulating Raeisi on his own and his nation’s behalf, said that his country as one of the littoral provinces of the Caspian Sea has very close relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and is interested in further expansion of those relations.

He also expressed hope that in the future provincial relations between the two countries will be further expanded.

The Head of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, too, wrote in his felicitation message that the election of a man of laws and a weathered politician means that the Iranian people favor strengthening their national unity, and meanwhile improve the living standards of the entire social classes.

Zhirinovsky has in his message referred to the friendly relations between Iran and Russia as two natural neighbors and asked for closer bilateral ties, announcing readiness for his own contributions to further deepening of comprehensive cooperation with Iran at a broader level.

Putin was the first foreign leader to congratulate Ayatollah Raeisi on his victory in the 13th round of the presidential election in Iran.

In early July, Raeisi responded to a congratulatory message from the Russian president Putin in a letter that was delivered by the Iranian ambassador to Moscow to the special assistant to the Russian president.


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