• Deputy President William Ruto resorted to chasing hecklers from his meeting in Laikipia County on Tuesday, December 7, after a section of the youth turned rowdy. 

    The meeting started off calmly, with several politicians who accompanied him to Laikipia addressing the youth who turned up in large numbers. As Ruto addressed the crowd, championing for his Bottom-Up economic model, the hecklers interrupted and attempted to cut him off. 

    An altercation ensued between a visibly irked Ruto and the youth who kept disrupting his speech. His efforts to calm the down backfired as the hecklers continued jeering. 

    Deputy President Addressing Residents In Laikipia on Tuesday December 7 , 2021
    Deputy President Addressing Residents In Laikipia on Tuesday, December 7 , 2021
    DP Ruto Twitter Page

    “Stop disrupting my meeting. You have the liberty to organise your own. I will not allow you to come to my gathering to heckle me. Let us uphold some manners. This is my meeting. Let us respect each other,” Ruto cut his speech short to face them off. 

    “Go and disrupt your own speakers,” he stated, adding that they were indisciplined and unruly. 

    The locals could be heard chanting a name of an unidentified political leader. This forced the DP to accuse the politician who he alleged sent the youth to interrupt his meeting. 

    However, another section of the youth could also be heard chanting Ruto’s name to counter the opposition.  

    Earlier on, the DP urged the area residents to foster peace and posterity. Ruto reiterated the need to curb insecurity in the region by empowering the communities.

    “We must eliminate conflicts over resources such as water and pasture. This means investing in pastoralist areas to ensure sufficient water for livestock.

    “We must also provide farmers with subsidised farm inputs to produce enough food to sustain themselves and make a profit,” Ruto noted.

    The DP is expected to tour different parts of the region as he continues to woo more voters to support him ahead of the 2022 General Election.

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