Saudi Arabia Upsets Argentina, Lionel Messi Is Roasting

Lionel Messi and Argentina were heavy favorites to win this World Cup. Of course, Messi is one of the greatest to have ever done it, and Argentina is the best South American team. Interestingly, Messi has underperformed at times throughout the World Cup, so there was some concern that they may choke.

Unfortunately, choke is exactly what they did. Despite a first-half penalty kick goal by Messi, the Argentinians still lost. They were up against Saudi Arabia, who were huge underdogs in the match. Subsequently, Argentina didn’t respect their opponent, which led to a massive loss. Now, the Saudi team are being celebrated, and it is well deserved.

Consequently, Argentina is now at the bottom of its group which also features the likes of Poland and Mexico. The next two games will be huge as they need to win in order to make it to the knockout round. If they don’t get there, it will be one of the worst performances in the country’s history.

As is typically the case during huge upsets, the losing side’s biggest star took quite a bit of slander. This is something that is par for the course in the sports world, and it definitely will not change anytime soon.

However, Messi still has a chance to change people’s minds over the course of the next week.

In the tweets below, you will find some hilarious analysis in regard to Messi. He ultimately caused a turnover that led to Saudi Arabia’s first goal. Furthermore, aside from that penalty kick, he didn’t get to do very much.

Moving forward, Argentina will have to work itself out of a massive hole. It will be a difficult task, however, the fact that they have two weaker opponents to go is encouraging. Either way, Saudi Arabia should have been an easy win, and they squandered it.

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