Speaking to the outlet, Soulja said that he drops so much money on luxury things because of who fans expect him to be. It’s all for his image

“I went to the jewelry store, bought a watch for like $30,000. Got a chain for like $20,000. For Louis Vuitton, [I’ll spend] $25,000 to $70,000,” he shared

The 31-year-old rapper chatted with Page Six about dropping thousands of dollars at high end stores like Louis Vuitton and revealed the reason for it.

He went on, saying that he has “to be presentable for my fans. This is not frivolous spending, this is me looking presentable. You know you got to spend money to make money.”

Soulja is promoting his new six-episode docuseries, The Life of Draco, and explained that if you “see me doing a shopping spree on the series, that means we just had a good day.

His added that his real concern was ensuring he doesn’t end up the target of a home burglary, as many other celebs have been in recent years.

“You definitely got to watch how you move. You just have to watch how you present yourself on social media who you have in your circle, too,” Soulja said. “Being a rapper in the hip-hop game, you have to move smart.”

The Life of Draco will premieres January 21 on the Revolt app.

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