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Spar has Mzansi debating after a notice BANS PJs and nightgowns

A viral tweet about international grocery chain Spar has citizens taking to their keyboards about a notice how shoppers cannot wear pyjamas or nightgowns. Some are concerned about hygiene while others think it is discriminatory in favour of those who don’t sleep in pyjamas.


Twitter user, @Kari09448880, shared a picture of Spar’s notice on Wednesday with a simple caption.

“I am here for comments only,”

said the Mzansi tweep.

The post has garnered thousands of retweets and likes and thus far the comments have not disappointed.


One of the commentators wanted to know if this is a sign that South Africa has a national gown problem.

Another user, @Clinti3, took an offensive stance as they questioned if Spar is implying people in pyjamas are poor and don’t deserve to shop at the grocery stores.

While another tweep supported the Spar branch’s policy as they believed it is unhygienic to be parading in sleepwear and bathrobes at a place where food is sold.


The location of the Spar branch enforcing the policy is yet to be determined, however, the Spar group has been contacted for comment.

The questions are based on the dress code policy of shoppers in Spar branches and the autonomy of individual branches, mainly if management has the authority to impose new policies.

Previously, in 2016, a similar Spar sleepwear scandal occurred when a branch posted the banning.

At the time Spar’s marketing executive Mike Prentice told EWN the poster should not be assumed as fact.

“In terms of group policy, you can wear whatever you want when shopping in a Spar store. We will never dictate what you can and cannot wear, within the bounds of decency obviously. Each one of our stores would be entirely different. If you were a retailer on the Durban beachfront it would be acceptable for someone to come in a swimming costume and slops.”

says Prentice.

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