Spotify Partners With NFT Projects to Test NFT-Locked Curated Playlists

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Want to listen? You’ll need to own a specific NFT, I’m afraid.

Spotify is joining the Web3 ranks with the revelation that it is testing something called “token-enabled playlists,” which allow holders of specific NFTs to access unique curated playlists on the service.

It’s an interesting move that ties Spotify into the burgeoning world of Web3 and cryptocurrencies and gives certain NFT holders another reason to hunt out specific collections.

Spotify Tests NFT-Locked Curated Playlists

You can be forgiven for being a little skeptical about the idea of locking exclusive Spotify playlists behind the requirement to own a specific non-fungible token. After all, despite their potential, NFTs are still incredibly niche.

But now, Spotify has partnered with a host of NFT projects to test out NFT and Web3 integration on the music streaming platform. The NFT projects signed up to Spotify include:

  • Overlord, a gaming and entertainment brand
  • Kingship, a metaverse band
  • Fluf, an ecosystem of NFT characters and collectibles
  • Moonbirds, a collection of NFT-bird profile pictures

How Do Spotify’s Web3 NFT Curated Playlists Work?

Each NFT project has curated a unique playlist. The playlist remains locked unless you attempt to access it using a link provided by the NFT project. When you click the link, it validates the ownership of the project NFT in your Web3 wallet (you can use a Web3 wallet like MetaMask), connects it to Spotify, and accesses the NFT-locked playlist.

A tweet from NFTX (another NFT project) lead developer, Apoorv Lathey, illustrated the Spotify NFT playlist process and the steps required to unlock the NFT project curated music experience.

So, yes, to use Spotify’s NFT-locked playlists, you will need a Web3 wallet.

This Isn’t Spotify’s First NFT Integration, and It Won’t Be Its Last

In 2022, Spotify launched a short trial for a select group of artists, allowing them to sell NFTs direct from their Spotify account pages. The project didn’t last long, but it shows that Spotify has some appetite for Web3 and NFT integrations on its platform.

While the idea of locking playlists behind an NFT is interesting, it’s also important to note that the NFT projects aren’t uploading unique music to Spotify that is out of reach for regular users. For example, the Kingship metaverse band’s Spotify playlist includes tracks such as Missy Elliott and Led Zeppelin, which you can go and listen to right now without owning an NFT.

But don’t rule out closer integrations like this in the future. After all, NFT projects are always looking to make their NFTs stand out from the crowd, and a fully unique audio experience on Spotify could be just the ticket.


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