• Tech1684245608 best samsung phone deals

    The Best Samsung Smartphone Deals: Get the Fold4 For $450 Off, Its Biggest Discount Yet

    Samsung makes some of the best Android smartphones on the market, and you can often find them on sale If you’re after a great smartphone experience, you can’t go wrong with Samsung. They offer a wide range of devices to suit any budget, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a top-of-the-line phone. The Samsung Galaxy Flip…

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  • Tech1684115765 man jumping from skateboard 1

    6 Apps That Provide Everything a Skateboarder Needs

    Whether you’re working on perfecting the basics of an ollie or venturing into more advanced tricks to master the sport of skateboarding, practice is essential. However, it can be a bit hard to do it all on your own, and that’s where your phone can give you a helping hand. There are a lot of apps out there for skateboarding…

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  • Techperson using tody app on an iphone

    How to Make Tidying Up Easier With the Tody App

    Ever feel stressed and overwhelmed by piles of laundry or a sink filled with dishes? Designed to make tidying up easier, the Tody app tracks and prioritizes your cleaning habits. With clear, instructive visuals and motivating quotes, the app makes tidying up less stressful and more of an everyday routine. Here, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of it.…

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  • Techbest samsung galaxy s23 ultra case deals

    Don’t Miss Out on These Amazing Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case Deals

    The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a gorgeous phone that needs all the protection you can give it. The Samsung Galaxy S23 phones are out and people love them. While all smartphones from the S23 line are great, the Ultra is the one that many people will choose because it has the best stats and camera. If you just bought…

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  • TechFood Photo Feature Image

    The 8 Best Alternatives to MyFitnessPal for Android and iPhone

    When it comes to apps that help you track your diet and exercise, MyFitnessPal is a leading name. While MyFitnessPal remains one of the most popular health and fitness mobile apps, some users are looking for better, or more affordable, alternatives. Some of the app’s most popular features—such as its barcode scanner—are locked behind a subscription paywall. For people who…

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  • Techfingerprint header

    How to Set Up a Passkey for Your Google Account on Android

    Could passwords become a thing of the past? If Google has its way, yes. Google announced in May 2023 that you can now log into your Google account via a passkey. It provides a level of security unmatched even by two-factor authentication (2FA). If Google is adopting the technology, will other apps and services? Here’s to hoping. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF…

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  • Techandroid phone gesture navigation

    How to Add and Remove Apps From the Home Screen on Android

    Android phones are highly customizable, and one of the easiest ways to make your phone more user-friendly is to add your most frequently used apps to your home screen. But if you’ve recently switched to Android or are unfamiliar with the process, it can be challenging to figure out how to add and remove apps from your home screen. This…

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  • Techpixel 7a pixel 6a comparison

    Google Pixel 7a vs. Pixel 6a: Is It Worth Upgrading?

    The Google Pixel 6a is among the best mid-range smartphones you can buy. With the Pixel 7a, the company has made all the right upgrades, adding a faster Tensor chip, a high refresh rate display, wireless charging, and more. But these improvements come at a cost. The 7a is $50 more expensive than the 6a was at launch. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO…

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  • Techgoogle neon

    Google I/O 2023: Here’s Everything That Was Announced

    Google I/O 2023 was Google’s most consequential I/O yet. In a year when critics are questioning if Google’s “still got it,” and in a year when Google seems to be falling behind AI competitors like OpenAI and Microsoft, Google needed to throw down the proverbial gauntlet and let the world know why it has been a tech giant for nearly…

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  • Techgoogle pixel tablet vs ipad 10 featured image

    Pixel Tablet vs. iPad (10th Generation): Has Google Got It Right?

    Tablets in the Android space have been few and far between in recent years, with Samsung being the only manufacturer that makes devices that could compete with the iPad. But, a teaser of the Pixel Tablet in 2022 and Google’s insistence on trying to create its ecosystem of Pixel devices had us curious. And at I/O 2023, Google revealed the…

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  • Techsamsung phone with macbook

    How to Connect Mobile Internet to Your PC via Tethering

    Need an internet connection for your PC or laptop, but don’t have access to public Wi-Fi? The solution is simple: connect your smartphone’s mobile internet connection to your PC. This process is known as tethering. While tethering with your laptop or tablet may be faster than the public network in your favorite cafe, it can have its own problems. Here’s…

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  • Techwoman using android phone

    7 Display Settings on Your Android Phone That Are Worth Changing

    By default, every Android phone’s display settings are tuned to what’s likely to work best for the majority of users. But you can tweak a lot of them to make them perfect for your taste—the brightness levels, the vividness of the colors, the size of the fonts, and so on. Let’s look at the display settings on your Android phone…

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  • Techapple arcade and google play pass logo on background of mobile devices playing games

    Apple Arcade vs. Google Play Pass: Which Mobile Gaming Subscription Is Better?

    Buying a new mobile can be both an expensive and overwhelming endeavor. The price of a mobile device can easily reach the thousands, so you really want to make sure you are making a purchase that’s right for you. If you enjoy dabbling in the world of video games, one thing that could sway your decision toward getting an Apple…

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  • Techphone apps for security

    How to Keep Your Android Phone Safe Using Private Lock

    We all store some of our most important data on our smartphones, which poses a significant privacy and security risk. Mobile devices are susceptible to loss or theft, making encryption a crucial security measure. Small, valuable, and easy-to-steal mobile devices attract the attention of thieves and smugglers. We’ll examine how to manage all of these security measures with a single…

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  • Techbest tech deals for mother s day

    Best Tech Deals for Mother’s Day: Get Your Mom the Coolest Gifts

    This year, Mother’s Day gets a bit high tech Are you looking for a great tech gift that will make mom smile this Mother’s Day? There are a ton of options out there, but we know just how much moms hate it when we spend too much money, so we located some great deals for you. In this way you…

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  • Techsound waves

    How to Save Your Android Voicemails Forever

    Few things in life are more sacred than that last voicemail you received from a loved one, or more important than the critical details of that big business proposal. These invaluable voicemails deserve a backup. If you’re an Android user, you have more than one way to save precious voicemails. Picking the best method to use isn’t always easy, but…

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  • Techman typing on phone

    How to Remove Learned Words From Your Android Keyboard

    A fun fact you may not be aware of is that your Android phone’s keyboard learns to adapt to your writing style and patterns. It retains and saves unfamiliar words to make typing more convenient. This even includes any words you may have mistyped and any foreign words you may have typed on a spur. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAYSCROLL…

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  • Techbingappphonescreen

    How to Use the AI-Powered Bing App on Android

    Bing AI Chat is a powerful combination of Microsoft’s Bing search platform and OpenAI’s language learning model. The intent is to optimize search results for relevance, speed, targeted results, and improved safety. It’s integrated into Microsoft’s Edge browser, available by accessing Bing’s search web page, and even as an app for both Android and iOS. Bing AI isn’t just great…

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  • Techsuper mario on gameboy

    How to Play Classic Super Mario Games on Your Android Device

    As one of the oldest and most popular video game franchises, Super Mario is a staple of many people’s childhoods. If you’ve been feeling nostalgic and want to play the old classics again, but your consoles don’t work anymore, we have a solution for you. Thanks to the power of emulation, you can relive your favorite Super Mario Bros. games…

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  • Techexercise safely when you re anemic

    How to Stay Active Safely Using Tech When You Have Low Iron Levels

    If you struggle with iron-deficiency anemia, low ferritin (iron stores), or low hemoglobin levels, you’ve probably heard that should be mindful of how you exercise. You want to be careful not to exacerbate your symptoms or put additional strain on your body when participating in physical activities. Having depleted iron levels doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all, however; while…

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